Knowledge base


Creation of new services based on intelligent gateways Cisco ISG/SCE

Usage of intelligent gateways Cisco ISG/SCE and provision of new services on their basis, give telecoms operators considerable technological advantages and increase of efficiency of network infrastructure use.

Overview of Oracle data base fault-tolerance increase technology

DBMS Oracle gives several ways of fault-tolerance provision, which are different by security levels, cost and degree of equipment resources utilization. This overview describes the most demanded and proven technologies of fault-tolerance provision, which can be used during B&CC Billmaster operation.

Service selection gateway & subscriber edge services manager 

The developer of B&CC Billmaster carried out a number of works and tests related to development of the billing system module, which uses new possibilities of Cisco equipment. This module allows to automate the process of creation of new services, provided to subscribers with the help of SSG, as well as for changing of parameters of existing ones.